Bethesda Game Studios Roadmap - 2018

After the Bethesda Game Studios 2018 E3 Showcase, we can now put together a rough idea about what they're working on and when we might see this stuff. A lot of this info comes straight from their E3 showcase so if your interested in seeing it for yourself, I'd recommend it, it's not long, and really good program from Todd Howard. Click here to see it. So without further ado, here's what we have in store from Bethesda, as well as some of my observations and opinions.

Games coming within this Hardware Generation.

Fallout 76: Coming Fall 2018: A first-person online multiplayer game that will be 4x the size of Fallout 4 and set in West Virginia. This game takes place prior the events of the previous games as your character, and other player characters are leaving the protection of vault 76 a mere 25 years after the bombs fell. This is obviously the Fallout counterpart to 'Elder Scrolls Online', and it's this game that was showcased for most of the E3 presentation. It's noteworthy with this game that we are again seeing an expansion in the construction/building mechanic that Bethesda started back in the Hearthfire DLC for Skyrim, and continued to improve on for Fallout 4. With Fallout 76, you now have the ability to create and build a settlement anywhere you want, and not just in predetermined areas like in previous games. Not only can you build anywhere you want, but it's mentioned that you can pack up and move the settlement to another area of the map. Other then what is mentioned above and the fact that you and your allies can apparently seize control of nuclear missile sites and nuke your rivals in game, Fallout 76 seems to hold true to the game play formula that was established way back with Fallout 3 and fans of the series will feel right at home with this installment.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades: Coming Fall 2018: The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a multi-player, first-person RPG that will be coming to iOS and Android phones this fall with the other platforms to follow. The game seems to have three main modes of play. The first mode, the 'Abyss', has the player(s) adventuring through an endless dungeon of handcrafted and procedurally generated levels, and the enemies keep getting harder as you progress until your character or party dies. The goal here, I guess, is to see how long you can last. The second mode of play, the 'Arena', is a welcome return to the series, but now you are competing in the Arena against other player characters. The third and main mode of play is the 'Town', and is the hub for the main story of the game. As an exiled Blade, you return to find your hometown in ruins and you will evidently take on quests and go on adventures to acquire money and resources to restore your hometown to glory. Once again the building mode here is a big part of the game. Unlike previous games where you could build limited structures on small plots of land. The Elder Scrolls: Blades will have you rebuilding your home town with the ability to completely customize and upgrade it. In this game, towns can "Level Up". I predict this bit is important as we're likely to see this sort game mechanic improved in future Bethesda games. It'll be curious to see whether or not user created towns built in-game can come close to the uniqueness of hand crafted towns by the developer. And also, being an online game, you will have the ability to visit your friends towns as well. The graphics of the game appear excellent for a mobile game and seem to be on par with what you'd expect from the last generation of consoles. It's not clear how large or open world this game will be. I'm guessing this will be a smaller game where the areas will be more zoned-off with limited ways in which to reach each zone. All in all, I'm not so much interested in playing this game as following the tech behind it. As mentioned, the technology Bethesda is investing, in regards to procedurally generated terrain, and city/town building will likely be more important in games to come then it is with this one.

Games coming after this Hardware Generation.

In other words, when you start hearing about the release of the next X-box or PlayStation, you'll start hearing more about these next games.

Starfield: Release Date: TBD: Will be a first-person RPG and will be a completely new space-based science fiction IP from Bethesda. Not much else is known at this time but I imagine this game is designed to make Mass Effect fans squeal with joy if my guess is right. This seems to be the next big game Bethesda will be working on. Obviously there is no time frame for release, but Todd Howard did say this will be a "Next Gen" title. So we'll just go ahead and say a couple more years at least on this one, as there's been no mention or hint of a "Next Generation" of hardware yet. If you clicked the link above and watched Beth's E3 showcase you've seen the teaser for this already, but in case you didn't, here it is.

The Elder Scrolls VI: Release Date: TBD: Again, like Starfield above, we only got a short teaser video. Todd Howard mentioned that TES6 will be the next game after Starfield so we still have a bit of a wait for this one as well. Back in 2016, Todd Howard told TeamRock, “I think it's good to tell our fans in these moments, yes, of course we are making Elder Scrolls 6. It's something we love. But it is — I have to be careful what I say — it's a very long way off. I could sit here and explain the game to you, and you would say, 'That sounds like you don't even have the technology — how long is that going to take?' And so it's something that's going to take a lot of time, what we have in mind for that game”. Todd could be meaning either hardware or software technology here, or both. The software technology we may be seeing take shape in some of they're upcoming titles so I'll be very interested giving some of these titles a spin to get a possible glimpse into the future. I don't want to get into too much speculation here, as that will be a subject for another day. So for now, here's another glimpse at the E3 teaser trailer for TES6.

I'll wrap this up here, but check back soon as we talk about what we know, what we think, and what we want in The Elder Scrolls VI.

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