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    Back in the hayday of my gaming years I was gaming at least 8 studios in about 5 genres. Today, I mainly play just open world fantasy RPG's such as the Elder Scrolls and Witcher Series. So in a way I wasn't thrilled that CD Projekt Red was going to do something sci-fi. I mean I absolutely loved the Mass Effect Series, but Bethesda's Fallout series didn't really give the same satisfaction. I never could really articulate why that was, I'm just a lot pickier about my sci-fi I guess. I grew up on classic Star Wars and prime Star Trek so Mass Effect was definitely going to be a good fit. Blade Runner, however was not my favorite sci-fi movie and not the type of futuristic setting I've been accustomed to. Couple that with the fact that my run and gun FPS days have long past and you can see why i had concerns about Cyberpunk 2077. If it wasn't for CDPR doing this game I might have just gave it pass the same way I've given Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series a pass. Some of the main things

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    Back in 2007 I was playing around with the night vision setting on my Sony camcorder which operates at near-infrared, and posted the video below on EV's World of me doing some infrared light physics experiments. Below is the un-edited version of that video, complete with a couple of bloopers that were edited out of the version that was posted back in 2007. What I had discovered about Infrared light while playing around with the camera is that certain objects that are opaque in visible light are transparent in infrared and vise versa. Also, the colors or objects that seem to reflect or absorb visible light may do the opposite under infrared.

    Filmed August 15, 2007.

    Here's part 2 that was mentioned in the video above that was never published until now.

    Filmed August 31, 2007

    EV's World History:

    Back in 2007 EV's World was running on a CMS called 'Community Server' by Telligent which I originally had running on small server (Windows Home Server) sitting on my desk. The video

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    So it's week 6.. How's your team? Producing the desired results? Or are you scratching your head wondering how much more awful your team could be? Did you pay big for a couple of top name players and now sit and grimace at their numbers every Sunday? Do you look at that one guy's team? You know the guy. He's the one with the laptop, 3 magazines, 4 pens, his own food all spread out and ready to go at the exact posted time on draft day. He never loses and you don't even know why you bother to play until you realize that you play just to beat him... that guy.

    What's his secret? Watch how he drafts.. You have to realize what draft day is. Its a blend of chess and poker. The first step is to come armed with knowledge. Have your cheat sheet ready with the players you hope to get. But update yourself. Was there any off-season surgery? Is he contemplating retiring? But that's secondary. The thing to remember is these people in this room, while all friends are all also looking to beat you.

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    Jupiter Photo by NASA

    Known as Zeus by the ancient Greeks, and the fifth and largest planet in our solar system, will be at opposition to the Earth on the 29th of this month. "Wait...Oppo..what?!"... Well O.K., let me explain.

    Unlike Earth, it takes Jupiter 12 long years to orbit the sun verses the one year for Earth, so each year we zoom past it and wave as we orbit the sun. The point where Jupiter is directly opposite in the the sky from the sun is called "Opposition". Basically, if you looked at our solar system from the top down, the Sun, Earth, Jupiter would be in a straight line with Earth in the middle. At this point, Jupiter can be seen in the sky all night until dawn, and we'll be at this point of opposition in 10 more days.

    Why is this year so special? Don't we reach opposition with Jupiter on each and every pass? Well, yes we do, but this year is a little different. You see the planets orbits aren't exactly circular, they're all slightly elliptical and at times

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    More information like this needs to be available about all pets bought from all stores though. If you knew what they went through...ugh. I digress. It doesn't always have to be a pound dog, but you can also find rescue sites online or even ads from people who have to give up their pet. I can not support any place that gets its dogs like this. If you click the links, the pdf's open and you can read the different violations. It's sad.

    The Puppy Mill Project

    Originally Published on 10-20-2011 12:07 PM

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