How to draft your fantasy football team

So it's week 6.. How's your team? Producing the desired results? Or are you scratching your head wondering how much more awful your team could be? Did you pay big for a couple of top name players and now sit and grimace at their numbers every Sunday? Do you look at that one guy's team? You know the guy. He's the one with the laptop, 3 magazines, 4 pens, his own food all spread out and ready to go at the exact posted time on draft day. He never loses and you don't even know why you bother to play until you realize that you play just to beat him... that guy.

What's his secret? Watch how he drafts.. You have to realize what draft day is. Its a blend of chess and poker. The first step is to come armed with knowledge. Have your cheat sheet ready with the players you hope to get. But update yourself. Was there any off-season surgery? Is he contemplating retiring? But that's secondary. The thing to remember is these people in this room, while all friends are all also looking to beat you. They are your enemy! Never talk pre-draft about who you are hoping to get. First off all, your showing your cards, secondly guess what? Everyone else secretly wants Brady too..

Well, since this is a bidding war, it's still a war! Remember, the war isn't won by simply out bidding either. It's done by bidding smarter. Let's say it's round 1. The newbie has put out a Manning or a Brady. Of course, the number starts shooting up. That's good! Throw a number out there that's 10 over the current bid. The next guy will raise it another 5. By the time it's done, someone has shelled out 80 bucks of a 250 budget on one player.. They still have 15 players to draft.. The next round starts and more big names are dropped. Play the same game.. Drive that bid up and let him go. The last thing you want is to wind up with an 80 dollar QB. But when the bid lands on you, raise it. Raise it high enough that it looks like your serious about it, but so much that you like your willing to go to the mat for it.

At this point, what you are doing is spending them dry. Within about 4 rounds, those guys are done. They have 14 dollars left and still need 3 men to complete a roster. In the mean time you are picking up players for 4 and 5 dollars and saving your draft dollars for later trades. A Cutler can damn near put up Brady numbers. Remember its not about how awesome a team is and wanting that teams superstar. That's the strategy of amateurs. Look for gold within the lesser known players that go for pennies on the dollar and your setting yourself up for a good next season too!

Originally Published on 10-18-2011 06:13 PM