Fun with infrared!

Back in 2007 I was playing around with the night vision setting on my Sony camcorder which operates at near-infrared, and posted the video below on EV's World of me doing some infrared light physics experiments. Below is the un-edited version of that video, complete with a couple of bloopers that were edited out of the version that was posted back in 2007. What I had discovered about Infrared light while playing around with the camera is that certain objects that are opaque in visible light are transparent in infrared and vise versa. Also, the colors or objects that seem to reflect or absorb visible light may do the opposite under infrared.

Filmed August 15, 2007.

Here's part 2 that was mentioned in the video above that was never published until now.

Filmed August 31, 2007

EV's World History:

Back in 2007 EV's World was running on a CMS called 'Community Server' by Telligent which I originally had running on small server (Windows Home Server) sitting on my desk. The video above was one of the first pieces of content put on the site