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    Over the last year I've experimented with some third-party login options and would like some feedback if they would be a welcome login option for this site as an alternative to creating separate EV's World login credentials. They would save some time for the user by eliminating the need to create a separate username and password and a minimal amount of profile information , including user avatar will be transferred over. Not a huge time saver but does provide a unified login with a favorite social media site if that would be a benefit to you. If interested in providing feedback, please participate in the poll and comment in this thread with your thoughts. The options in the poll are the ones that can be easily added to the site. In the end, I'd be willing to implement up to 2 third-party login options.

    Web browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox now populate a set of tiles for recently visited websites on their respective home pages. However, for a lot of sites, the browser creates the tile by taking a random screenshot of some page you might have viewed, such as a settings or configuration page and not a tile that is more representative of that site. If a tiles is generated for EV's World, such as a snapshot of you typing something in the User Control Panel or something you can replace it with the one below.

    EV's World Large Icon

    Just click on the icon to edit such as the example below for Firefox.

    And Type in the location of the new image which is listed below.


    Then, when your done it should look like this. Google Chrome should be a similar to this.

    At some point I'll figure out how this tile will just show up automatically.

    How do you like the place?

    Thanks for registering. I've had people swear they cant for some reason. Either they never tried or the issue is on their end. OK, you should be able to read this even before you register, but you shouldn't be able to reply to it until you do. If you can, let me know so I can fix it. Right now their won't be much to see because you have to register and apply to one of the private groups to see most of the content on the site. The one called "Family Matters" is of coarse, for family. They didn't want our family pictures and holiday videos available to the public. The other one is called "Private Gaming". This is basically just a private gaming group for discussions not available to the public. For example, we wouldn't want people butting into our discussions concerning our D&D campaigns and such. I've recently made a sub-forum just for D&D. After you register, click on your avatar in the upper right-hand corner of the site and select "User Groups". Here you'll be able to apply to 'Private Gaming'. Write any reason for joining and submit. After you do, send me a text and I'll login and accept your application. This functionality has never been tested before. I've always just promoted users to groups manually. Again, I appreciate you testing it for me. After you're accepted you'll now notice a new forum has appeared that wasn't there before. Visit that forum and you'll find a couple more posts from me waiting there.

    Keep in mind I don't have any idea how to get to the "User Groups" page from a phone, I'd use a PC to apply for right now. Nevermind..found it. It's in the same place I told you it's at above. Just have to scroll down a bit on a phone.

    I've noticed a few of the videos that I'm uploading to YouTube with longer run-times having their audio go out of sync as the video runs. I've tried remastering the videos to mp4 prior to uploading but the sync issues still happen. If I can't get this sorted on YouTube's end, I'll just upload these videos straight to EV's World. I haven't played all the videos yet so If you find some let me know by posting here in this thread.

    Most all the Skyrim stuff ATM is in a private group. Feel free to post anything about Skyrim here you want. If I have something to post worth sharing to the general community I wouldn't have a problem with it. This is the place to do it.

    So far you can see everything a 'Registered User' can see. Just not a lot to see in the general areas ATM.

    Thanks, but it's not like I've coded this whole site myself. We have Woltlab and cls design to thank for that. Still it can be some work to maintain a site like this and keep adding content.

    Most of the content so far is specific to certain user groups and you won't see anything unless you've signed up to those groups and get accepted. They'll be more general content in the future as soon as I get these groups situated. To see what user groups are available to join just click on your portrait in the upper right corner of the screen and select 'User Groups'. There you can apply for membership. You're currently eligible to join one of them. I don't currently have a private group for customers to log in with there issues. (haven't decided if that's needed). I'll think about it. ATM if you have an issue, just post here in general.

    Not sure what you mean by 'where or why you'd write content'. As for the 'Where'? If you are writing content that you want and expect back and forth community discussion- start a forum thread. If you are serving content to the community that only you expect maybe a single comment or :thumbup::thumbdown:- start a blog. You also get twice the activity points for blogs vs threads plus any likes you get 8o.

    As for Why? I can think of a few reasons. Some people might have something to tell the world. Facebook really isn't organized to be a very good blogging platform. If you know something and want to share it the world, you're better off starting your own blog - Which I highly recommend. Until that day, you IP is safe here at EV's World so you can get started today. If one day you set up a blog with Wordpress or Blogger,etc, come back here and cut and paste your stuff back on your own site and tell your followers where you're moving too. I'm just happy to just host your work until then. If you have a site and I didn't I'd do the same for you. Your IP will always be your IP. If that's what you meant, then this is my answer.

    Just a heads up. The new gallery is now live. We switched from the default Woltlab gallery that only supported images to the nicer EasyMedia gallery by cls-design which will also supports videos. If you remember, cls-design is the company responsible for our nice dark theme used here. The new gallery supports videos being uploaded directly to the site, but for the most part, videos will be hosted at YouTube and streamed in to save space on the site. I'll be adding regular video content from my server to the site over the coming months so check back to see the new videos.

    Had an issue viewing the site today using Firefox. Got the following error message below.

    Seems Firefox isn't getting along with my SSL for some reason when trying to access the site using https://. I tested viewing the site with Chrome, Edge, and IE and have no problems with them, however some customers on Wotlab's forums have had a similar experience with Chrome. Until I can sort this out and find out who's fault this is just use another browser when viewing EV's World. DO NOT Access the site using just http://. That would ill-advised and very un-secure of you. Access the site using https:// even if you don't get to use your favorite browser right now. I'll post an update here when I find something out.

    Update: Well Woltlab fingered Godaddy as the culprit. Godaddy fingered Mozilla (Firefox) as the culprit and after getting the run around by the three of them the problem seemed to fix itself. viewing the https:// version of the site seems to work fine with Firefox today. I'll mark this thread resolved unless this becomes an issue again.

    Third-party login with facebook has been added to the site. Users may get a warning that this site is requesting user information from facebook that facebook hasn't approved yet. It is recommended to just ignore the warning and continue with registration/login. Only facebook approved information will be transferred to your user profile here. Below is a list of the information this site can transfer from your facebook profile and it's current status on EV's World.

    User Information
    Will facebook share this info?
    Where we use this info
    User Friends List
    Approved Not used on this site yet
    Public Profile
    Approved Used to fill in your user profile (Name, Profile Pic, Gender)
    Email Address
    Approved Used to fill in your user profile
    Birthday Not Yet Approved
    Used to fill in your user profile
    Current City/Location
    Not Yet Approved
    Used to fill in your user profile
    Website Not Yet Approved
    Used to fill in your user profile
    Personal Description
    Not Yet Approved
    Used to fill in your user profile (About Me)

    Until I can get the last four items sorted out with facebook new users will get the warning during registration. In the meantime just fill in that information yourself. Facebook has an approval process and they need me to prove to them how this information is being used on this site and that it isn't being misused. Be patient and I'll get around to jumping through their hoops.