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    Back in the hayday of my gaming years I was gaming at least 8 studios in about 5 genres. Today, I mainly play just open world fantasy RPG's such as the Elder Scrolls and Witcher Series. So in a way I wasn't thrilled that CD Projekt Red was going to do something sci-fi. I mean I absolutely loved the Mass Effect Series, but Bethesda's Fallout series didn't really give the same satisfaction. I never could really articulate why that was, I'm just a lot pickier about my sci-fi I guess. I grew up on classic Star Wars and prime Star Trek so Mass Effect was definitely going to be a good fit. Blade Runner, however was not my favorite sci-fi movie and not the type of futuristic setting I've been accustomed to. Couple that with the fact that my run and gun FPS days have long past and you can see why i had concerns about Cyberpunk 2077. If it wasn't for CDPR doing this game I might have just gave it pass the same way I've given Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series a pass. Some of the main things

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